Monday, February 27, 2012

Verticutting and topdressing greens

Today we verticut and lightly topdressed greens.  These processes are vital to the long term success of our TifEagle ultradwarf bermuda greens.  TifEagle has characteristics that make these processes important: grain, organic matter and thatch production.  The verticutting will help to thin out the green surface encouraging more growth and a tighter surface as well as fighting the grain.  The topdressing fills in the verticut lines as well as diluting the organic matter and thatch the greens produce.  Diluting the thatch and organic matter with sand is important because thatch and organic matter tend to hold water like a sponge instead of letting the moisture flow through it.  When water can flow through the top layer of the green the surface dries out and firms up faster.  This process results in a firmer, smoother playing surface.  The pictures below show the process.  After the sand is applied, it is drug in and the green is ready for play.

verticutting the green

green after verticutting

topdressing the green

green freshly topdressed

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