Sunday, February 26, 2012


Superintendents Revenge
I had a good time setting up for this MGA tournament.  I hope all who played had fun with the crazy set-up.  Back to normal today.  No more cups in the collers for at least a year.

Pre-emerge application
The pre-emerge application that got started and rained out on 2/13 is almost finished.  Thanks to all the members who on one of the busiest Sundays I have seen in a while, put up with having an application made on the golf course.  This was the best option we had for completing the application.  The purpose of a pre-emerge herbicide application is to kill the weeds before they are seen.  When it works out as planned this application greatly reduces the amount of weeds on the golf course that have to be treated post-emergent, or once they are visible and an eye-sore.  Pre-emergent herbicide does not have any effect on weeds that are already established.  Those have to be treated with different products, which we are doing when the weather allows.  

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