Sunday, June 29, 2014

YTD rain totals

Over the last few days we have recieved 2.15 inches.  Our total for the month, which historically is one of our wettest months in Houston, is 2.55 inches.  Our total precipitation for the year-to-date is 19.8 inches.  According to the United States Drought Monitor, as of Thurdsay June 26 our drought condition is "abnomally dry" which is "used for areas showing dryness but not yet in drought, or for areas recovering from drought."

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Over the past two days we have received 1.7 inches of rain at Bay Oaks CC.  Welcome rain!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

New Rough Mower

We received a new Toro 4500D rough mower. This will greatly aid us in keeping up with our rough mowing this summer. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Golf Course Maintenance Update

June 1 came and our temperatures finally reached 90 degrees.  It is rare in Houston to go the whole month of May without any 90-degree days.  The last week of May did bring some much-needed rain.  The dreaded cracks in the deep rough were starting to spread but with the 7 inches of rain we received May 26-28 the are closed back up and the grass is really growing.  This is evident by the amount of grass clipping in the rough.  Once we get caught back up mowing rough, the amount of clippings will decrease.

In May we started using an aquatic vegetation specialist to keep our golf course ponds clean of algae, plankton and aquatic weeds.  The water quality in the ponds has increased significantly and over the next few months there will be a gradual decrease in the amount of weeds around the edges of the ponds.  He does use a boat to apply products to the ponds so please do not be alerted when you see an aluminum boat driving around the ponds.  He is not fishing and he does have clearance to be on property.

Monday June 16th and Tuesday the 17th we are aerifying the greens and verticutting the fairways for the second time this year.  We are using the same process we have used the last 3 summers in June and August.  We remove a .5inch core every 1.5inches throughout the whole green.  The material is removed, sand is applied to fill the holes and the greens are rolled and fertilized to achieve a quick recovery.  Aerification is necessary a minimum a 3 times a year to remove enough organic/thatch material to keep up with what the greens naturally produce.  By removing this material and replacing it with sand we increase air and water exchange throughout the green profile.  The benefits are increased rooting, quicker infiltration of water, a firmer putting surface once healed, decreased compaction and an overall healthier green.  The healthier the turf, the better they can withstand the extreme temperatures we experience in Houston.  Our final greens aerification of this year will take place August 11th and 12th.