Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Aerification June 15-17

This coming Monday thru Wednesday, June 15-17 the golf course is closed for our Golf Course Maintenance team to aerify the greens and tees and verticut the fairways.  A 3/8ths inch core on 1.5 inch spacing will be used on the greens and a slightly larger core on bigger spacing is planned for the tees.  A topdressing of sand will be applied to the greens to aid in smoothing the greens and filling in the holes left by the aerification.  Aerification is beneficial to the greens by improving gas and moisture exchange as well as removing excess organic matter which in turn leads to healthier firmer turf.  Extra fertilizer is applied to the greens the week leading up to the aerification and the week after the aerification to assist in recovery which does cause a slight decrease in green speed.

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