Thursday, August 1, 2013

Aerification August 5th and 6th

Golf Course Maintenance

We are aerifying the greens on Monday and Tuesday.  This aerification will mimic the one we did in June.  Greens aerification is extrememly important for the overall health of the greens.  The turf on greens is under and extreme amount of stress.  Aerification allows for improved air and water movement withing the soil profile which makes for healthier roots which in turn makes for a healthier plant allowing it to better handle the daily stress we put on them.  Mowing grass at less than 1/8 inch as we do daily inherently causes stress, but once you add foot traffic, disease pressure, shade(which bermuda hates) insect pressure and our hot humid Texas summers into the mix, it makes for a stressed out plant that is using all the energy is has just to survive.  We are also going to verticut the fairways as we did in June.  Verticutting the fairways will help make a tighter lie and make the fairways less prone to scalping this time of year.

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