Thursday, March 28, 2013


We have our first aerification of the year coming up on Monday and Tuesday, April 8 & 9.  This will be a deep-tine operation which means a 3/4 inch diameter x 10 inch deep core will be removed every 3 inches.  This deep aerification on the greens will encourage root growth by allowing for more gas and water exchange  to take place deeper in the soil profile.  The benefits of aerification are many, including improved air and water exchange which helps rooting, thatch removal which allows for more efficient water infiltration into the soil profile which helps decrease surface wettness and sponginess and minor compaction relief.  Once the cores are pulled, the greens will get cleaned off, heavily topdressed with sand to fill the holes and smooth the surface and rolled.  The following pictures are from a similar aerification we did last April.

deep tine aerifier
material cleanup
dragging sand into the holes
green cleaned and ready for play

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