Friday, November 30, 2012

Sink holes

The sinkholes on holes #2 and #4 are almost repaired.  Both were caused by corrosion of the corrogated metal pipe that was used for the drain lines.  In both cases, seperations of pipe joints helped to cause the sinkholes also.  Once the repairs are complete on both holes they will get sodded at the same time.
#2 sinkhole before repair
#2 sinkhole after repair
#4 sinkhole before

#4 sinkhole, drain box and drainage piping exposed

concrete drain box removed, 6 pipes entering, 2 pipes leaving
24" corrogated metal pipe, joint smashed and seperated, big hole for  dirt to fall into

36"x24" ADS plastic tee installation, new drainage

36inch stack rising to finish grade, ready to connect incoming pipes
deep hole, inside of 36inch stack

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