Monday, April 30, 2012

Greens Aerification Finished

We completed our first greens aerification of the season last Monday and Tuesday.  The process was successful and our goal of pulling out large cores deep followed by a topdressing to fill the holes was realized.  Following the aerification and topdressing, the greens were rolled with a 2500 pound roller 3 times and our speed roller 2 times by Thursday.  The collers were also aerified and rolled.  The greens are recovering nicely and we are getting back on a regular mowing and rolling routine.  Today we aerified the large driving range tee.

deep-tine aerifier

behind the aerifier - fresh holes, the green takes a breath of fresh air

new holes .75"x11" on a 3"x5" pattern

coller aerification

material cleanup

material cleanup

dragging the green to help clean after all material cleaned up

15 green 1 week post aerification

holes are closing up 1 week after aerification

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